AR 15 Accessories: AR 15 Foregrip with Brass Knuckles (Black/Anodized)


Check out these bad-ass brass knuckles tucked away securely in your AR15 foregrip.

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Can you handle the most bad-ass AR15 foregrip on the market?

These AR15 foregrips don’t just make your AR15 badass.

They make YOU bad-ass.

AR15 Foregrip Brass Knuckles Foregrip FAQs

Is it legal to have this AR15 foregrip with brass knuckles attached to my gun?

We’re patriots, not lawyers. We have no idea. But who cares? Buy it anyways.

Can this AR15 foregrip actually make me a bad-ass?

Yep. Sure does. (But only if you buy TWO!)

Does this AR15 foregrip come in pink?

Grow a pair and ask a better question, pansy.


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