Who are We?

At our core, we’re a bunch of patriots pissing off liberals and leftists, and standing up for free speech

Let me be clear about a few things right off the bat though …

Real World Violence

In no way, shape, or form, do we advocate real world violence towards anyone, including any of the individuals depicted on our targets. These targets are meant for humor, criticism, and protest purposes … and sharpening your shooting skills of course.

The Legality of Printed Images on Paper

I’m not a lawyer, but as far as I know, this isn’t China or Russia. This is the United States of America. In America-at the moment at least-we’re allowed to not only criticize and protest our elected leaders, but we’re also allowed to create funny images and designs of them, print them onto paper, and then sell them to free Americans who can choose what they want to do with them: shoot and obliterate them, burn them, piss on them, hang them on the wall … the possibilities are endless. If you seriously think that criticizing and protesting public figures, making funny pictures of them, or printing said funny images onto paper are illegal, then you might just be a leftist. If you’re a gun enthusiast and think these things, then we’re in more trouble than I thought.

I’m Offended by Your Targets

Well, that’s precisely the point isn’t it? That’s why they’re called “Politically Incorrect Targets”, but more importantly, the fact that you’re offended is actually a good thing. It means that someone out there (me) thinks differently than you. I don’t find them offensive; I think they’re funny. When people think differently from one another, someone is almost guaranteed to be offended by something. That’s actually the cornerstone of free speech. The minute that someone out there, somewhere, isn’t offended by something, the freedom of speech is broken.

People Like You Give “Responsible” Gun Owners Like Me a Bad Name

Well, my first response is Fuck Off and lighten up (see, isn’t the First Amendment great?). In case you missed it, these targets are first and foremost a joke, a way to let off steam. And you know something else? Lots of responsible gun owners buy them from us and have lots of fun shooting them to pieces. Improving your shooting skills while having fun is the exact opposite of being irresponsible. Never firing at targets and being clumsy with your aim would be irresponsible. Calling us “irresponsible” because we create and sell targets that many people enjoy isn’t going to make you the pet NRA member of your favorite neighborhood leftist. Let me clue you in on something: the leftists and liberals you’re trying to impress with all your fancy talk about “responsible” vs “irresponsible” don’t really give a crap about responsible gun ownership. They think that guns are bad, period, regardless of who owns them. You might want to expend more energy fighting them and not us. Remember, we actually agree with you on guns and don’t want to confiscate them from you.


This website, and patriotism in general, have absolutely nothing to do with race. Unlike the left, we don’t care about a person’s race and see people as individuals, not as members of a random group based on outward appearance that they just happen to have been born into by chance. We believe Americans and patriotism come in lots of different colors. If you believe that patriotism is intrinsically linked to racism, then you’ve probably already swallowed the left’s koolaid.

Liberals vs Leftists

Why do we make a distinction? Because a distinction exists, and it’s important to be accurate and fair about these things. Many liberals, although we disagree with them on many things, actually agree with us on some things, like free speech. Although we don’t mind making liberals cry, we think it’s important to recognize that they aren’t the left. The left are far more dangerous than liberals. One easy example: most liberals do not want to destroy the Constitution. The left, on the other hand, seems to have that as one of its primary goals.

Democrats vs Republicans

Why do we pick on Democrats so much and not Republicans? Well, it’s the guns silly. You see, Democrats, generally speaking, are against gun ownership and gun rights. As a result, most Democrats don’t own guns. Since our business is focused on the firearms industry (i.e., people who like guns), it wouldn’t make much sense for us to create gun targets that might appeal to people who don’t own guns, and don’t believe you should either. Yes, I know, you’re a Democrat who supports gun rights. Great! Glad we can agree on that one. My recommendation, however, is that you stop voting for Democrats, because most of them don’t seem to agree with you. Until more Democrats start supporting gun rights and purchasing more guns, we’ll have to focus our efforts on Conservatives, who-for the most part-prefer shooting at targets of Democrats. Yes, I know, there are plenty of Republican politicians that even Conservatives love to hate. Well we’ve got you covered on that. We have plans for more and more RINO target offerings in the future. Stay tuned …