Shipping Policy

Shipping Info


All targets ship out via USPS Priority Mail (large targets) or First Class Mail (small targets), and we charge a standard flat rate for all shooting target orders. This rate covers the average cost of shipping to most places within the US. Although delivery times will vary depending upon where in the US you live, you should generally allow around 2-3 days for large target orders to reach you, and 3-4 days for small target orders to reach you, once they are processed and shipped. If you haven’t received your target order within a week of the shipment notification, then please contact us and we’ll investigate.

Please note that shipping is charged “per class”, which means that large targets and small targets have separate shipping charges, because they ship separately.

Most Other Products: T-Shirts, Mugs, Hoodies, Etc.

As mentioned above in the order processing section, most other products are available “on demand”. Shipping for these items is also a standard flat rate to all areas within the United States. Please allow about 3-4 days for these items to reach you, and as with targets, if you haven’t received your order within a week of the ship notification, please contact us and we’ll investigate the situation.

Mixed Orders

In the case of mixed orders, you’ll be charged a combined flat shipping rate that takes both the stocked items (targets, Liberal Tears gun oil, etc.), and the on demand items (mugs, t-shirts, etc.) into account. You should generally expect the stocked items to reach you first, as they will usually ship out while the on demand items are in production (being made for you).

Tracking Numbers

Shipment tracking numbers, when provided by USPS, are always emailed via a separate shipment notification. If you didn’t receive a ship notification, then please check your spam folder to make sure our emails aren’t getting filtered out of your inbox. Although this isn’t usually a problem, some email providers are a bit too aggressive at filtering out spam and oftentimes filter legitimate email as well (I’m looking at you Hotmail and Outlook).

Also, certain items that ship via USPS First Class mail, such as the small shooting targets, will not have a tracking number. In these cases, you’ll receive an automated ship notification that also notes that “no tracking number was provided”, just to let you know.