Kamala Harris Shooting Targets: Creepin’ Kamala




1st Amendment Targets: Kamala Harris

Let’s be honest.

The goal of getting Joe Biden into office was NOT to have Joe be President.

It was for Kamala Harris to be President!

Blow off some steam with a 1st Amendment protected Kamala Harris target.

Don’t forget to add your Joe Biden, Hillary, and Obama targets, too!

The targets are among our top sellers on our store’s website. They feature three targets in one.  Aim for the bullseye for Democratic President-elect Joe Biden.

Exercise your 1st & 2nd Amendment rights!

Are you tired of aiming at the same old lame paper shooting targets? Exercise your right to freedom of speech and the right to bear arms with these Biden shooting targets! Do not miss out; place your order today before they sell out.

Law and Order

Peaceably assemble with your closest friends and get them laughing by gearing up with the latest Joe Bidden targets. Hit the range and perfect your shot with these politically incorrect targets.

Never Concede

Do not let the democratic system beat you down. Demonstrate your strength by standing up for what the Founding Fathers laid out for this great country. Inspire others to allow let their voices to be heard!

Defeat Socialism

Take aim at the socialist agenda and defeat it by freely exercising your freedom of speech! Our Biden paper targets are excellent for target practice with a friend and like-minded training partners. Women can have fun by aiming their sights at the sniffer himself.

Shoot down Executive Orders

Get ready; the executive orders are coming! Maintain your aim while practicing your shot with high-quality Joe Biden shooting targets.

Order Now

Order now before they’re banned or sold out. Please place your order now before they sell out or get banned by the Socialist Democrats!

Additional information

Target Sizes

1 Target Sized 8.5" X 11" (Small), 1 Target Sized 18" X 20" (Large)


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