Elizabeth Warren Shooting Targets: Creepy Pocahontas – Small and Large


Politically incorrect Elizabeth Warren shooting targets in two sizes. Use them with your favorite firearms to practice and increase your marksmanship with either the small (8 1/2″ x 11″), or large (12″ x 18″) targets.



She’s the epitome of white guilt. You know what I’m talking about. That middle class neighborhood white girl you knew growing up, who went off to college to be “educated”, and then ended up as a staunch and unapologetic leftist? Well, creepy Liz Warren is the Washington representation of that individual. It’s been said that she once claimed her early family life teetered “on the ragged edge of the middle class”, and yet somehow, paradoxically, she seems to support the standard Democrat talking point-and lie-that the American system is somehow setup to reward only white people. I guess “the system” must have rightfully recognized creepy Pocahontas’ Indian-er Native American-I mean Indigenous Person’s-heritage (LOL!).


  • Annoy leftists and liberals while improving your shooting skills
  • Support an AMERICAN small family business that actually makes products here in American and sources products from American suppliers
  • Available in two sizes: small (8 1/2″ x 11″) and large (12″ x 18″)
  • The first in a soon to be Creepy Liz Warren shooting target pack
  • Made in the USA by Americans

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12"X18" (Large), 8.5" X 11"


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