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Remember the Alamo? Well, I think Benghazi was completely worse!

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Get revenge on this paper target: Remember Benghazi!

Remember the Alamo? Well, I think Benghazi was completely worse!

Top 3 Reasons to Shoot at a Hillary Clinton Paper Target:

  1. Benghazi. Enough said.
  2. Email Scandal: she’s a complete liar!
  3. She’s endorsed by Barak Obama – YUCK!

All jokes aside… here’s the reason for these targets

People are afraid to step out of their comfort zones to make real change in America.

They’re afraid of being beaten down by the system. We use extreme examples (and humor!) to demonstrate the strength of the 1st amendment. The Founding Fathers knew exactly what they were doing when they were writing the Bill of Rights – and so we demonstrate the strength of these rights as a way to inspire people into being the peaceful change they wish to see in their communities.

Is it actually LEGAL to have this type of target?

Yes, of course it is. In America, it’s part of your 1st amendment right to light on fire, shoot, or otherwise destroy any picture of any person or political figure – as long as there is no credibly threat to their lives.

This is theĀ target that startedĀ our website, “!”

Once upon a time, the owner of this website, Andy, was in Massachusetts for a 2nd amendment rally. He came across this silly blue car with Bernie Stickers all over the back of it.

Feeling that this car was pulling too much to the left, Andy tried to straighten it out by adding a couple of Muslim Free Zone stickers over the Bernie Sanders stickers. (It’s important to note that it was raining out, and Andy KNEW the stickers would come off easily since it was wet, and that no permanent damage would be done.)

Andy’s prank went absolutely viral.

Once upon a time...
Once upon a time…

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