Riots? Not In My Neighborhood – Heavy Blend Crewneck Sweatshirt – White And Multiple Light Colors



Toppled statues … the cancellation of Dr. Seuss … the removal of iconic American heroes, such as Thomas Jefferson, from building and school names … it seems everywhere you look these days, the extreme left is trying to remove and cancel aspects of our shared American culture, items and historical figures that the majority of Americans adore and love. And the icons they can’t cancel? They scrub them down-neuter them-remove everything they don’t like in a blatant attempt to rewrite history. Yes, we are indeed living in an Orwellian 1984.

You’ve seen the headlines, and I’m sure you’ve noticed it in your favorite classic media: songs and movies edited so that they no longer have “problematic” material, books that contain “offensive” material removed from schools or Amazon … the examples seem endless. What better way to fight back against the leftists than by co-opting an American icon ourselves? If you’re an American, then you’re probably familiar with Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood, and I’m certain that you’re familiar with the summer of leftist riots-er, “peaceful protests” (Lol!)-that took place recently.

What would Mr. Rogers say to riots in his neighborhood? Make a bold statement about the 2nd Amendment, the unlawful and destructive riots, and the cancellation of our American classics and icons. I’m sure the left will be gunning for Mr. Rogers soon! Co-opt him now before his image disappears from our collective history!

  • Available in white and multiple light colors with a comfortable crew neck fit
  • Sweatshirt reads, “Riots? Not in my neighborhood”
  • Annoy leftists and liberals by making a bold statement and embracing another soon to be cancelled American icon
  • Support an AMERICAN small family business that actually makes products here in American and sources products from American suppliers
  • Soft 50/50 cotton and polyester blend, and quality print
  • Medium heavy fabric with a ribbed knit collar
  • Loose fit with no itchy side seams
  • Sewn in label
  • Runs true to size (Please see the sizing chart below)



Width, in 20.00 22.01 24.00 25.98 28.00 30.00
Length, in 27.00 28.00 29.00 30.00 31.00 32.00
Sleeve length, in 20.00 21.02 22.01 22.99 24.02 25.00


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