Crazy Mohammed Terrorist Shooting Targets: No Crotch Shot – Large


Politically incorrect crazy Mohammed terrorist shooting targets. Use them with your favorite firearms to practice and increase your marksmanship and shot placement. This anatomically correct target is 19″ x 25″ and features highlighted critical zone areas.

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When you’re training with a firearm, you’re almost certainly doing so with the real intention-if necessary-of someday using it to defend yourself. Of course, training for a life or death defense situation is somewhat difficult without targets that accurately depict the human form. That’s where these Mohammed terrorist targets really shine. Not only are they politically incorrect targets that are sure to offend and piss off your neighborhood leftist, but they are also anatomically correct! Have fun and practice zeroing in on critical zones like the heart and lungs at the same time!


  • Annoy leftists and liberals while improving your shooting skills
  • Anatomically correct targets have highlighted critical zones to improve your shot placement
  • Support an AMERICAN small family business that actually makes products here in American and sources products from American suppliers
  • Target is 19″ x 25″
  • Made in the USA


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