The Deadliest Virus Is The Media – Fabric Face Mask – White



The fake news media … where do I start … when I was a kid, I had this naive impression that the media always reported the truth. I mean, everything they said back in those days seemed pretty accurate, and I don’t remember them saying anything openly partisan. Now, some conservatives, including a close relative of mine, will claim that the media, by and large, have always been biased and slanted toward liberals and the left. They may be correct. I don’t think it was always quite so obvious however.

Fast forward to 2016, Trump wins the presidency, and the media simply can’t help themselves. Any superficial veil of objectivity that existed before that moment suddenly disappeared. They quickly found themselves facing a president who wasn’t willing to take any of their sh*t, and they responded with partisan fury. Their true feelings not only bubbled to the surface; but they completely erased the surface, and replaced it as the new normal.

They turned their broadcasts, articles, and interviews into digital soapboxes. They conspicuously slanted all coverage in favor of the left, and they haven’t stopped since. Yes, the coronavirus may be with us forever, but the fact of the matter is that the media is the true virus. In fact, they are the deadliest virus in America. If you agree, then call them out with this high quality printed face mask. Maybe you’ll get people questioning their trust in the media. Maybe you’ll offend leftists! A two for one!

  • Available in white
  • Face mask reads, “The deadliest virus in America is the media”
  • Annoy leftists and liberals by calling out their best friends in the media
  • Support an AMERICAN small family business that actually makes products here in American and sources products from American suppliers
  • 100% Polyester
  • Great for everyday use (i.e. not medical grade)
  • Adjustable nylon spandex earloops
  • Silicone adjustment beads
  • Two layers of cloth
  • One size fits most



One size
Width, in 7.09
Height, in 4.72


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